Our history

With tradition and love since 1972. It was precisely in 1972 when our parents turned artisan wisdom into daily work, made of constant commitment and dedication.

A passion that was perfected the moment we moved from Cassino to Isernia, increasing our personal baggage thanks to the encounter with the wealth of craftsmanship and the great confectionery tradition typical of the area.

We believe that love and respect for people and products are priceless. We seek quality not only by selecting the best raw materials, but also by promoting the sustainability of production processes and energy conservation.

Our goals

We are a company with an artisan heart, emphasizing the value of Mediterranean culture. Ours is an Italian entrepreneurial story, committed to international markets.

People are the key to our success, we collaborate with each other and with our partners to achieve our goals together.

Our mission

Is to create joint paths of supply chain integration and research and development, to meet the needs of consumers, while enhancing the culture and human value of our territory. 

Our vision

Is to become the reference in innovation in the confectionery sector, working through the inseparable union of identity, territory, ethics and nutrition.

Our philosophy

The constant search for excellence has driven us over time to orient our production to gluten-free and to achieve important process and product certifications.

We have a strong bond with the territory, we believe in the excellence of our work, in the value of the artisan confectionery tradition that we have learned and cultivated with respect in our land in the creativity of the approach with which we face our work as producers and the continuous challenges of the market.

We are proud to be an Italian SME present on the international market.

What sets us apart

We are committed to environmental sustainability because through our history and the future we envision we feel the need to enhance the environment as a major resource for our work and our territory.

We are committed to healthy food education, which our extraordinary Mediterranean heritage induces us to transmit in respect of the important mission entrusted to us by consumers.

We are committed to the control of the production chain by meticulously exercising incrementing through the initiation of our projects for the integration of production activities.

BIT Proposal 2023

Come discover Molise with us, unspoiled natural oasis, kingdom of a thousand crafts and treasure chest of goodness: the DolceAmaro and CuoreNero companies will intrigue your sight, tickle your sense of smell and tantalize your taste buds with a journey through the flavors and sweetness of macarons, donuts, sugared almonds, chocolate and almonds making your discovery of this magnificent land even sweeter.


Strada S.S. 85 Venafrana - 86075 Monteroduni (IS)

Phone: +39 0865 493005

E-mail: clienti@dolceamaro.com

Website: https://dolceamaro.com/https://cuorenero.it/


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