Events and festivals

Umbria is home to internationally known cultural events, such as Spoleto's Festival of Two Worlds, presenting a rich schedule of music, dance and theatre and Umbria Jazz in Perugia, marking its 50th year in 2023. Both grand events feature performances in venues throughout the historical centres of their hometowns: in churches, theatres and public squares.

An annual highlight in many of Umbria's towns are their historic re-creation festivals. Visit any of them and you can expect to find charming medieval atmosphere, participants dressed in dazzling historic costumes, and taverns serving old-fashioned fare. Often the festival ends with a display of daring horsemanship or other feats of bravura. Some examples are Foligno’s Quintana and Narni’s Corsa all’Anello.

Other examples of local traditions being brought to life are Gubbio’s Festival of Ceri, an annual race dating back centuries, in which robust teams carry enormously heavy statues partway up a mountainside, and Bevagna’s Mercato delle Gaite, a historical re-evocation focusing on medieval crafts (paper- and candle-making, silk weaving, painting…) with workshops, demonstrations and guided tours.

Festivals centred on foods take place in every season, celebrating truffles, olive oil, roast pork, and almost every local specialty. Perugia is home to Eurochocolate every October, with tastings, demonstrations, fun educational activities for children and a market.

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