Art and culture, history and archaeology

Art and culture. Visit Umbria to discover a wealth of architectural splendours, masterpieces of art, and cultural events. Through the centuries, the region has been at the centre of historical, cultural and religious events, leaving a rich heritage of artistic wonders. With archaeological sites, churches, fortresses, monasteries and palaces, choose from over 250 “places of culture”, including 150 public and private museums and stunning UNESCO world heritage sites. 

In 2023, special exhibitions and events throughout Umbria will celebrate the work of the “Divine Painter”, Reinaissance master PIetro Vannucci, known as Perugino. Be sure to seek out his harmonious compositions, recognizable for their wonderful colours and sweet-faced Madonnas.

Archaeology and History. Over thousands of years, populations and civilizations have left Umbria with an archaeological heritage difficult even to just quantify: every town, large or small, preserves evidence of the Umbri, the Etruscans and the Romans. Its many museums and archaeological areas are witnesses to the role that this centrally located land played. 

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