Authentic cuisine, close to the land

Umbria abounds in beautiful landscapes, unspoiled nature, quaint villages and authentic experiences, and is renowned among Italians for its close-to-the-land cuisine. Visitors receive a warm welcome, and feel like they are discovering something extraordinary, far from the beaten path, although Rome is only about an hour away and Tuscany is just next door. 

The region’s hearty traditional dishes feature homemade pasta, legume and vegetable soups, sheep’s milk cheese, pork products (prosciutto, sausages, salami) and truffles. Umbria’s wines and olive oil are an integral part of its culinary tradition, and its slopes covered in olive groves have been recognised by the UN’s Food and Agriculture organization with the rural equivalent of a UNESCO listing. Extra-virgin olive oil is an essential ingredient that adds the finishing touch to nearly every dish. 

Lake Trasimeno, the largest lake in peninsular Italy, is surrounded by picturesque villages, including several on the list of Italy’s “most beautiful borghi”, and the lake is ringed by a biking path suitable for cyclists of all levels of fitness. Stop at a trattoria with stunning lake views and sample dishes using the catch of the day, in soups, with pasta, or roasted over embers. 

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