Will it be possible to implement team building from now?

5 reasons why to keep it

After an unprecedented year, we can see how remote working has changed organizations, leaders and the approach to working.

Colleagues are no longer in front or beside us, relationships have become more impersonal but the interactions from the smart working has increased. 

Why is it necessary and important to keep a team building program in place after this stressful time?

Let’s consider 5 reasons why

1. To maintain the culture of the company.

As there are less chances to see each other it is important to pass a message about values, goals and the mission statement of an organization

2. People need in-person activities more than ever, so that, with progress in vaccinations and safety, companies can start to consider smaller group meetings, a mixture of some vacation days along with meeting days to keep their teams dynamic. 

3. To support emotional intelligence

As people will continue to work from home or do less hours in the office, it is beneficial to help employees with topics such as time management, family and work including any other issue that may affect work.

4. To recognize someones work

As we are getting used to virtual meetings, the time spent in-person  might become aa occasional to recognize someone’s work performance , create a memorable experience and engaged or built the relationships.

5.  To invest in the organization

It is likely to reduce the budget for traveling, however, it is an investment if there is something positive that can grow personally, to remember and to feel part of an organization.


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