Autumn on Lake Como

Wonderful colours and magical atmosphere

Lake Como in autumn offers a magical and unrepeatable atmosphere with bright colors, offering unique views and landscapes. If to all this we add the climate, still very pleasant despite the latitude, Lake Como becomes a perfect destination for an autumn getaway.

Here are some of the reasons why visiting Bellagio in autumn:

  • Stunning views and autumn foliage Lake Como offers unforgettable views throughout the year, but the autumn foliage is simply spectacular. The typical colors of the season usually appear towards the end of September to last until the middle of November. Do not miss a sunset walk in the gardens of our Villas with their inebriating colour
  • Perfect temperatures (average season temperature 14 ° C, maximum temperature 20 ° C): Autumn brings with it an ideal climate for walking, hiking and sporting activities
  • Cuisine and typical traditional dishes based on local products:mushrooms, chestnuts, polenta and truffles
  • Landscapes are just for you Autumn is the perfect time to "enjoy the beauty of the lake without the summer crowds" You can explore your favorite trails, the most famous attractions and the most beautiful places in tranquility. It is rare to be alone in Bellagio on a summer day but on a sunny afternoon in October this is a true peaceful spot. Even pictures will be more beautiful!
  • WARM & INTIMACY, two feelings that only the lake in the autumn can convey.
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