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Vertumnus (Latin Vertumnus or Vortumnus), a Roman deity of Etruscan origin, personified the notion of the changing of the seasons and presided over the ripening of fruits.



According to Varro (De lingua latina V, 74), the cult of Vertumnus was introduced in Rome by Tito Tazio. Its name derives from the Latin “vertere”, which means “to turn”, “to transform”.



The temple of Vertumnus was located on the Aventine, and was dedicated by Marco Fulvio Flacco who in 264 had triumphed over the Etruscan city of Volsinii.



The main festival, dedicated to Vertumnus, known as the Vertumnalia, was celebrated on 23 October and commemorated the transition from summer to autumn. Vertumnus was reserved for the first fruits and the first flowers that grew from trees and cultivated fields.



Today we are ready to start again, just as Vertumnus teaches us, and welcome our guests again for a journey through art, history and emotions.







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