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FTO INCOMING is an OTA specialized in experiences and excursions in Sardinia. On you will find more than 450 authentic experiences with instant online booking (B2B / B2C): from the most requested daily experiences ( boat tours, trekking, food and wine experiences, city tours, etc.) to the most exclusive to fully experience the traditions and culture of Sardinia.

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Archeology and Museums

Archaeological tours, educational workshops and visits to museums

Multi day experiences

Overnight stay to live dream experiences

City tours and Traditions

Urban trekking and experiences in close contact with traditions

Food & Wine

Food and wine tours, cooking classes and tastings


Trekking and walking to discover Sardinia

On wheels tours

Off-road excursions, quad bikes and more

Bike and horseback excursions

Cycling, e-bike or horse riding

Adrenaline excursions

Climbing, Canyoning, Coasteering and Paragliding

Water sports

Kayak, SUP, Snorkeling and Diving excursions

Boat tours

Catamaran, boat or dinghy excursions


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