Zepter Hotel Palace - Banja Luka

Hotel Palace sagrađen je 1933. godine, u periodu procvata Banjaluke, za vreme Vrbaske banovine i bana Svetislava Tise Milosavljevića. Od tog vremena do danas jedna je od najlepših građevina u Banjaluci. Hotelska zgrada je zaštićeni spomenik graditeljskog nasleđa prve kategorije. .... Comfortable and simple accommodation, in the style of the real city hotel from the golden 30's of the last century, is a great base for getting to know the rich nightlife. As the landmark of Banja Luka it makes this town slowly returns the old fame and is the favourite rest place for the elderly, but also more and more frequent younger guests who visit Banja Luka festivals because of its fantastic city position. Hotel Palace was built in 1933, during the blooming period of Banja Luka, during the Vrbas Banovina and Ban Svetislav Tisa Milosavljevic. From that time until today, it is one of the most beautiful buildings in Banja Luka. The hotel building is a protected monument of the architectural heritage of the first category. Rezervacije/Booking: https://zepterhotelpalace.com/bookings/ Desk: +387 51 223 040 Email: office@zepterhotelpalace.com Perfect Place for Perfect Experience Zepter Hotels | www.zepterhotels.com

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