Only in San Marino you can enjoy an outdoor holiday immersed in generous and unspoiled nature: a thousand active and green experiences, unique and exciting, easy to live thanks to the numerous active holiday opportunities designed for you and your family. Trekking, climbing, archery and caving are only a few among the wide range of adventure activities that San Marino has to offer.

The Walk of the Titano, a 43 Km route rich in beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views, allows you to explore the most hidden corners of San Marino and plunge into the history and millenary culture of the Small State. Composed of several routes with different difficulties, it is possible to explore the various parts both on foot and by bike!

Climbing a mountain that is a World Heritage Site is a breathtaking experience for both adults and children: enjoy safe climbing in contact with nature.

If you dream of feeling like an archer for a day, archery wild is for you. Proposals are organized by the Cerna dei Lunghi Archi of San Marino, whose name recalls the so-called gente cernita, which were people chosen, selected and equipped with a bow and arrows, trained to defend the small Republic of San Marino in case of attack. You can learn and enjoy this discipline in the most suggestive corners of the shooting range. 

Discover these and more of the activities that make San Marino far from clichés and close to you here:

Only in San Marino does an active holiday feel like freedom

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