Over the years, the Republic of San Marino has preserved a rich and varied gastronomic tradition highly appreciated all over the world.

Among the products of the Consorzio Terra di San Marino, which safeguards the smaller agricultural producers in San Marino, there are wines, meat, extra virgin olive oil, cheese, honey and the delicious Tre Monti and Titano cakes, handmade in San Marino since 1942. Fresh pasta is one of the most authentically traditional dishes of San Marino. Tagliatelle, pappardelle, stringhetti and tagliolini were and continue to be served with meat sauce, sausage, peas, sea campion (plants collected from the fields), beans and game. Other poor traditional rural dishes are pasta and beans or pasta and chickpeas. Apart from the cold cuts typical of the San Marino area, how can we fail to mention grilled meats, dishes that smell of milk and cheese, good homemade bread and the celebrated "piadina" which is the thinnest of all the variants from Emilia Romagna. Among the traditional desserts, it is worth to mention the cacciatello made with milk, sugar and eggs. 

Don’t miss the chance to taste the excellent wines of the Consorzio Vini Tipici such as the red wines Brugneto, Tessano and Sterpeto, the white still wines Biancale, Roncale and Caldese and the dessert wine Moscato or prized “passito” Oro dei Goti, made with Moscato grapes.

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San Marino: a land of fine tastes

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