The Republic of San Marino is a breathtaking fairy tale to be fully experienced. 

Families keen on history and arts will find in San Marino a heaven. Every corner of the old town tells a story and reminds of the mysterious legend of Saint Marinus. An extraordinary time travel in the history of San Marino can be made visiting the brand new Titanus Museum ), an interactive and multimedia experience from prehistoric times to nowadays.

The colourful uniforms and evocative ritual of the Changing of the Guard are among the not-to-be-missed attractions for kids. The Guardia di Rocca Artillery is on duty at the Public Palace where the changing of the guard ceremony is held daily during summer, every hour on the half hour. The ceremony represents a formal handover of responsibilities.

If you want a unique souvenir of your visit, you can get the Tourist Visa on your passport at the Tourist Information Office, which is open every day. 

Enjoy a ride with the cableway to reach the heart of the capital as it connects Borgo Maggiore and San Marino old town. In less than 2 minutes, you will experience a difference in height of about 200 metres enjoying breathtaking views. 

For adventure lovers, San Marino Adventures ) is the ideal theme park to enjoy safely: 30 thrilling paths hanging in the trees, from ground level up to over 30 meters, Tibetan bridges, footbridge nets, cableways, tunnels and lots of other breathtaking trails.

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