SabahTourism Kaamatan 2021: Miiso

Miiso is a Kadazan word which means united or togetherness. Once a year, the KadazanDusun people of Sabah celebrates Kaamatan Festival and together, 'miiso', they unite to honour this special day for the fruitful harvest of the paddy. Materials featured in the video: Siga: A headpiece of handwoven kain dastar worn by men. Himpogot: Silver “dollar” belt worn by women. Tangkong: Hip belt worn by women. It consists of 84 embossed brass rings on rattan strings. Litai Vinusak: Rungus traditional necklace. Gong: Sabah's musical instrument used in ceremonies by major ethnic groups such as Kadazan, Dusun, Rungus and Bajau. Nyiru: A KadazanDusun's winnowing tray. Barait: A traditional bag of KadazanDusun & Murut.

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