The Biella region, industriousness in nature and outdoors

From Alpine landscape to the shores of Lake Viverone, from protected areas to natural reserves, the Biella region ranges from the Oropa Basin to the Rhododendrons’ Path in the Zegna Oasis and the "savannah" of the Baragge moorland and the Park Burcina Natural Reserve. Biella, the main city, is an industrious wool city which is part of the UNESCO Creative City network in the "Crafts & Folk Art" category. Its passion for the textile and weaving art reflects the history and vocation of the entire area, deeply rooted in ancient times. In XVIII and XIX centuries, the transition from ancient processing techniques to modern textile and then industrial manufacturing turned Biella into an industrial community, called by Camillo Benso Count of Cavour the “Manchester of Italy”. Today Biella and its surroundings are to be considered the ambassador of Made in Italy at international level, thanks to an intangible cultural heritage made of rare yarns and prestigious brands

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