Spiritual itineraries in Piedmont: an important presence in the region

If places are like paper on which writings represent traces destined to be preserved over time, the historic - devotional trails of Piedmont reveal the unique traces of the land, designed by the ancient routes of the pilgrims and travellers throughout  centuries of transitions and exchanges. Themed trails, roads, and itineraries : Piedmont's geography is a layered network which bears witness to the testimonies left by cultures, communities and religions which have written the history of the region and attests to historic connections to Europe.

From the Via Francigena to the Don Bosco Trail, from the Percorsi Sindonici to the "Sacri Monti Trail", from the Jewish Trail to the Glorious Return of the Valdese: these trails ,which are accessible year round, tell the story of Piedmont's diverse and complimentary identity through heritage which combines art and architecture, customs and traditions, but also handmade creations, food, and wine.

Small towns which are proud of their thousand-year-old history, fortified properties, secular and religious architecture built on hills and rocky spurs, Alpine hamlets on the slopes of the highest peaks in Europe, parishes immersed in the forest mantle: for people who love exploring at a relaxed pace, the possibilities here are endless.  On foot, by bicycle, by car, but also on horseback: you are truly spoiled for choice. At all four corners of the region, you encounter a biodiversity of stories and memories which mix with culture and natural spaces which are still intact and breathtakingly beautiful. Providing the backdrop to this sacred landscape are Piedmont's spiritual itineraries  which offer an experience of outdoor sustainable tourism, immersed in colours, sounds and silences which ignite the soul and renew one's connection with nature.

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