Shopping and pragmatism. A passion for culture, design, music, marathons, and art. Lifestyle in Lombardy is more than just your average aperitivo...

Fuorisalone, the rambunctious half of Milan’s Salone del Mobile, is the quintessential event to fully experience Design Week. When the lights come on and the people hit the streets. 

Exhibits and aperitivos. Ateliers and open courtyards. Design Week is, to all effects, the Milanese lifestyle concentrated into 7 days. Fast and industrious, it’s reinforced with fresh drinks, some of the best shopping, and quality cultural events to fill your calendars.

With a tight schedule, Milan hosts buzzing events throughout the entire year, like Book City and Piano City, kermesse that breathe life into typically solitary activities. Orticola, the biggest showcase for gardening, has brought back the love for green. Music and culture are ignited during the yearly MiTo festival and Milanesiana. Runners can get a sweat on while training in the park for one of the many local marathons.

Outside the metropolis, plants grow wild, concerts are a plenty, plays hit the many stages, picnics are had in the countryside, and vintage markets scratch the itch for nostalgia. Stop by an exhibit or a wine cellar, go for a bit of local shopping, or a savor a delicious local festival. Christo’s 2016 The Floating Piers on Lake Iseo was a major success, offering visitors the chance to walk on water from Sulzano to Monte Isola and San Paolo.



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