“Si làup o crstiàn?” (“Are you a wolf or a Christian?”), it was common to ask this question in winter, when people could hear some noise outside, when wolves, until 1920-30, approached villages in search of something to eat. In this trip, we will know Abruzzo’s National Park through one of its most important protagonist, the Apennine Wolf, ethology, history, anecdotes, problems and in-depth analyses on the historical relationship between the human being and the wild animal; besides the wolf’s life, it will be also possible to know directly the other animals, which inhabit the great Apennine Park. 

How to arrive in Villetta Barrea: 

  • From Rome: Rome-Avezzano-Pescara line. Recommended station: Avezzano. Reach Villetta Barrea with ARPA buses. 


12th of September - 19th of September 

Other dates on request for a minimum of four participants 


To see the prices, please refer to the cost included in the detailed program, downloadable from this page. 

Abruzzo – wolves and Christians


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