The Basile rental company has been offering minibus and bus rental service, with driver, for about 30 years. 

Quality is our strong point for us, so we always propose the best for our customers.

BIT 2023 proposal:

  • chauffeur-driven rental service for important events such as weddings, graduations, birthdays: thanks to our driver, your guests can enjoy the day and avoid road hazards;
  • rental service with driver for excursions, trips, guided tours, pilgrimages, vacations, made and designed for you thanks to the cooperation with Travel Agencies.
  • rental service with driver for school connections, extracurricular activities and school trips;
  • rental service with driver for airports, stations, Italian and foreign cities;
  • rental service with driver for the conduct of sports activities: swimming, school soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc. We provide transportation and connection service between sports facilities and various towns/cities, as well as transfers related to sports competitions;
  • chauffeur-driven rental service for the elderly, single people in need of medical examinations, travel outside their municipality, etc.
  • chauffeur-driven rental service for people who need health care outside their own municipality (operations, hospitalization, specialist visits);
  • rental service with driver for summer camps, summer camps, etc.

Our company will be at your complete disposal and ensure full safety, with periodic bus checks. 

Our minibuses/buses have a capacity from 7 seats up to 54 seats. 

Travel with us.

Basile Rental 

13, Vittorio Emanuele III – 86033 Montefalcone del Sannio (CB)


Phone: +39 0874 877510

Domenico: +39 360 253349

Renzo: +39 330 311780 

Basile Rental

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