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Hi I'm Antonella. My passion for receiving the customer in a pleasant atmosphere is one of my natural ways of being. My motto "treat the customer as you receive the guest at home" it’s the message that I promote, I think that the attitude of excellence is the basement in our profession and making the difference between a good tour and a great tour experience.

BIT 2023 proposals

Package 1 - Bear Hill (Duration about 4 hours)

A wonderful tour through spectacular forests and flower-filled meadows where abundant wildlife roams including roe deer, wild boar, foxes, wolves, badgers and many other animals that, in particularly lucky cases you may encounter.

Cost € 300.00 per jeep (maximum 3 people)

Package 2 - Mount Patalecchia Reserve (Duration about 4 hours)

A fantastic high mountain tour amidst pastures on which horses cows and flocks of sheep roam free. breathtaking views and unexpected glimpses of unique beauty.

Cost € 300.00 per jeep (maximum 3 people)

Package 3 - Mount Totila (Duration about 4 hours)

An adventurous climb, fantastic views, flower meadows and forests.

Cost € 300.00 per jeep (maximum 3 people)

Package 4 - Monte Marrone (Duration about 6 hours)

Climb to the summit of the Mainarde Mountains in the middle of the PNALM with a visit to the cross that commemorates the ascent and taking of the mountain by the Alpini during World War II 

World War II, and visit to the Moulin hut, the hermitage where the French painter spent his life until the age of 91.

Cost € 350.00 per jeep (maximum 3 people)

Package 5 - Fonte Palumbo (Duration about 6 hours)

Climb the Matese to discover the enchanted valley where horses live in the wild in scenery reminiscent of the Wild West.

Cost € 300.00 per jeep (maximum 3 people)

- Rates do not include gratuities, personal expenses, entrance fees not indicated. 

- Rates will be increased by 30% during the period from August 01 to August 31.


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67, V. Alfieri Street – 86079 Isernia (IS)

Mobile: +39 338 32 59 768

E-mail: info@italytours.info

Website: https://www.italytours.info/

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