About Us.

Since 2004 we have been passionately dedicated to making Molise known in the world. We are a team of young entrepreneurs moved by the desire to face in an integrally human way and with innovative tools an entrepreneurial challenge that aspires to give prestige to Molise. Our intent is to promote Molise in international markets through the aggregation of different personalities and sector realities. 

We are proud to promote and share the beauty and richness of our region with visitors from all over the world. Our intent is to create a network of local and foreign interlocutors to do business together and revive our region by finally giving it the visibility it deserves.

How do we do it?

01. Immediate Visibility

With over 5,000 users per day on our portal interested in the Molise Region, businesses have greater visibility and are more easily identified by potential customers.

02. Increased Bookings

As a tourism portal dedicated to Molise, we are able to help businesses reach their target audience and increase the chances of converting visitors into customers.

03. Online Reputation

Being present in a successful tourism portal, allows our users to know the beauty and businesses of Molise Tourism as businesses can benefit from Google First Positions, seniority and web popularity of the website. 

04. Marketing Support

As a Partner of Molise Tourism, businesses have access to a range of digital tools and innovative services to improve their Online Presence and promote activities and experiences.

05. Technology Use.

Our portal is designed to offer an optimal User Experience for users and provide useful information for visitors. We are always looking for new technologies to increase the Visibility of Partner Activities and make them stand out in search results.

06. Online Sales

With the next E-commerce and Booking Management service, new features will also be enabled and Sales Channels in Italy and abroad will be better defined.

BIT 2023 proposals

Explorer package: page dedicated to your business with all business information (photos, videos, quick contact form and geolocated map) to get on the net today. 

Local Guide Package: S.e.o. optimization of the "Explorer" page. Visibility (featured) in the first search results. Inclusion of your Company as a "Local Guide" in tours and experiences. 

Business Profile: a Digital Marketing plan with innovative communication tools to reach national and international target audience and other potential market slices.

Molise Turismo

43, Garibaldi Street - 86100 Campobasso (CB)

Mobile: +39 334 60 63 368

E-mail: info@moliseturismo.netpartner@moliseturismo.net

Website: https://www.moliseturismo.net/

Molise Turismo

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