How this passion of mine was born.

Usually it is since we are children that we start to fall in love with what we have around us.

Matese Officinale was born out of a strong passion for nature and everything about it.

Feeling the need to take from it everything it offers us: fruits, flowers, plants, sounds and an air that tastes like freedom.

So many scents and flavors that give you the desire to explore and learn about the biodiversity of our land.

Matese officinale wants to transform what nature gives us to incorporate it fully into our production.

Matese Officinale represents a pure and genuine essence of this land.


Tourist proposal:

Tourist proposal for the BIT will allow anyone who loves nature to get to know magical places shrouded in mystery such as Molise and the Matese in search of unique and rare medicinal herbs. You will witness the transformation of these herbs into supplements, liqueurs, creams and oils for cosmetics and become the protagonists of Molise Officinale 

Matese Officinale

Via Tintiere Vecchie - 86021 Bojano (CB)

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