The tour proposes the discovery of enchanting and unspoiled places of our land, together with the tasting of typical dishes of the places crossed on foot. Molise is notoriously a region of good food, full of nooks and crannies where you can appreciate mouth-watering varieties or rediscover old, now-forgotten recipes.

The route proposes trekking on sheep-tracks or small paths that connect the accommodations that participate in the project. The trekking will be interspersed with stops along agritourisms, farms, restaurants, mills or bakeries: all appropriately researched and selected for their quality offerings.

Proposed tourist packages

Package "Flavors of ancient ways" 

The journey in Molise through the centuries, thanks to the rediscovery of ancient road routes, perfect for a day of trekking, combines ancient archaeological sites with evocative natural places and ends with a small moment of refreshment prepared with quality raw materials, all local, produced with artisanal methods and combined according to recipes handed down from the sources or reconstructed according to the careful research of archaeologists. 

Day 1: 

The experience begins in the afternoon, in Campobasso, where the Museo Sannitico in Campobasso welcomes visitors with the history of all of Sannio, from the protohistoric evidence of the coast to the horse-drawn tombs of the Lombard knights of Campochiaro. At the end of the day, the exploration of the city's historic center with its churches, its small squares and the most evocative and unexplored corners of a town still authentic in its architecture will leave a wonderful impression of the day, to be stored in front of the typical dishes of Molise cuisine masterfully prepared by the best chefs in the capital.

Day 2: 

Visit to the MAB Oriented Nature Reserve of Montedimezzo - Vastogirardi (IS). Visit to the Italic Temple of Pietrabbondante, Percors and lunch at an agritourism. Afternoon visit to Agnone (IS) and the Marinelli Pontifical Foundry. 

Day 3: 

The now close-knit group will tackle for the last day a new excursion where Samnite food will give way to Roman food and the discovery of Saepinum, the ancient municipium on the tratturo Pescasseroli - Candela and its territory. Located at the foot of the Matese and open to the Tammaro valley, the ancient Roman city of Saepinum hosts the start and finish of the walk. Leaving the archaeological site of Saepinum - Altilia, one ascends an ancient road that takes hikers to the first stop: the remains of the imposing Italic sanctuary of S. Pietro dei Cantoni. The path climbs further until it finds a now abandoned convent, the "Conventino" precisely. From here following an ancient path one arrives at the Samnite settlement suggestively called 

"Terravecchia": a fortified center that preceded the city of Saepinum, which was conquered by the Romans in 293 BC, during the Third Samnite War. This center is also the arrival point of an ancient mini-transhumance made by a few dozen cows of the podolica breed, an ancient breed directly descended from the bos primigenius, the European aurochs, and which, from the stables in the ancient Roman city, spontaneously, for more than a century, have been going to Terravecchia to graze. Following in a northerly direction, the trail winds through marvelous beech forests and fascinating mountain meadows until it reaches an impluvium called "Fosso dei Carpini" where a small stream breaks the silence of the forest with its waterfalls. 

"Tratturo and ways of civilization" route 

The route is divided into 3 days following three of the five sheep-tracks: it starts by traveling along the Lucera - Castel di Sangro and intercepts the Celano- Foggia by crossing a trattural arm. Overall route of considerable naturalistic interest, many are the reserves that will be visited, in a varied territory of pictorial landscapes. Adventure, culture and nature will be the ingredients of a mix of experiences to be enjoyed. 

Day 1: 

Arrival in Campobasso. Accommodation in hotel. Early afternoon City trekking "Tour of the 12 Churches" and monumental trees. Entrance and visit to the Museo Sannita. Typical dinner and accommodation in Albergo diffuso, B&B or hotel. 

Day 2: 

Following the old Lucera - Castel di Sangro cattle-track in the direction of Castel di Sangro, from the small church dedicated to Santa Maria della Neve in Ripalimosani, we descend to the Biferno valley, where the river of the same name marks an important ecological boundary between the Montagnola Molisana (SIC) and the Montevairano relief that dominates the central area of Molise. The river is also a worthy companion that hikers will have on the right side of the road until they pass it with the use of small boats. Once past the Biferno River, a challenging climb to the town of Castropignano, dominated by a charming castle worth visiting, the D'Evoli Castle, begins. From there the sheep-track will make it possible to reach the town of Torella del Sannio (CB) without great difficulty. 

Day 3: 

The route is articulated following the old tratturo Celano - Foggia, in the direction of Celano. Transfer to the village of Carovilli (IS), a town famous for its truffle production and dairy products. After a short visit to the most famous dairy in the area, we're off!!! Going up the Celano - Foggia sheep-track, we pass through wonderful Cerro and Beech woods until we find the beech symbol of Molise historically called "Re 

Fajone" (King of Beeches), approximately 30 m tall and with a diameter at the base of more than 7 m. The sheep trail passes through the Montedimezzo Oriented Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1976. A reserve of high naturalistic value for the presence in protection of wildlife easily spotted by hikers. Not far from the Reserve you enter the village of San Pietro Avellana. Transfer and return to Campobasso.

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