Proposed tour package "Archoelogical and medieval Venafro" 

The proposed package includes: 

(a) guided tours of the archaeological heritage of the city of Venafro: amphitheater - theater - Museum of St. Clare 

b) guided tours of the medieval city: castle, village, national museum of Castello Pandone 

c) guided tours of the national olive park 

d) tastings of local products, not included in the price quoted in the economic offer. 

The proposed offer includes the following costs: 

- for groups of more than 25 participants €/participant 5.00 per day 

- for groups of less than no. 25 participants €/participant 10.00 per day 

Pro Loco Venafro 

Piazza Cimorelli, 16 - 86079 Venafro (IS)

Mobile: +39 327 5648732



Pro Loco Venafro

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