Residential seminars, traveling while learning
If you are looking for a suitable place to organize a seminar, combining practice, tranquility and places to visit with the pleasure of spending a vacation with your friends, I have many alternatives to offer in Turkey and other countries such as Armenia, Cape Verde, Morocco, Portugal, just to name a few.  

La Compagnia del Relax was born precisely for this reason: in the nineties I attended the Zen Monastery Il Cerchio in Milan and a cultural Indian club called Anantamatra and while I was touring Turkey far and wide, these two associations organized, once a year, a residential seminar on the beaches of Sardinia or in the woods of the Apennines.  
One morning, thinking about the next seminar dedicated to the Meridians of Fire in which I would have participated, I had the idea to propose a week in Cappadocia in contact with Air, Water, Fire and Earth among the Chimneys of the Fairies, ancient Byzantine monasteries and hot air balloon flights.  

After the first trip, as often happens, word of mouth has brought other teachers of yoga, meditation, reiki, shiatsu, music and singing that with their students have taken the opportunity of a vacation of practice together.  
Several teachers have returned several times and since the first seminar it has been a lot of water, indeed, energy under the bridge, and now I can offer many alternatives to the garden of my home in Cappadocia.    

We can spend a week in a gulet; practice among the archaeological sites surrounded by ancient columns on the Aegean Coast; in the millenary amphitheaters of the Lycian Way; and then again in the monasteries of Armenia; sailing on the Mekong between Cambodia and Vietnam; in the desert in Morocco, in Jordan or in Oman; on the white beaches of Zanzibar or, perhaps the most incredible place, in the caldera of an active volcano suspended between sky and sea in Macaronesia ;)  

Each trip is always organized considering the needs dictated by the teacher of the group, the hours of class and the time necessary to visit the chosen destination, staying in contact with the locals, with the help of local guides, respecting the people and the laws that regulate tourism on the spot.

Do not hesitate to contact me :)
Enrico Radrizzani

Phone: +39 335 659 7286.





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