This chapter, which we have called The Spiritual Journeys, collects some of our most interesting and particular experiences.
Accompanied by Cesare Romanò, an expert in the history of religions, writer and journalist, author of The City Pilgrim -
 - Project from which the proposed itineraries come to life, we will discover how people live spirituality between temples and everyday life in different regions of the world.

Together we will go to Turkey, India, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Japan, Vietnam to meet the different aspects of millenary cultures that have given birth to different religions.

The trip is open not only to lovers of history and philosophy of religions but also to those who want to visit the country in a more traditional way because we will be accompanied by an official guide, authorized by the tourism body in charge of the destination country.

As always, our trips are customizable, they can be shortened or extended by adding stops of your interest or extra days to rest by the sea before returning, they can be carried out at different times of the year and organized from two people up to larger groups. large on the dates you prefer, subject to the availability of Cesare Romanò.

India, its religions
Vast from a geographical point of view and above all from a cultural and religious point of view, we offer six thematic itineraries in India to discover the many souls of this land.

Buddhism: the Way of the Buddha, 12 days and 11 nights.

Sikhism: Punjab, the sacred land of the Sikhs, 15 days and 14 nights.

Shaivism: Tamil Nadu, Pilgrimage of the 5 elements of Shiva, 15 days and 14 nights.

Hinduism: the sacred cities of Uttar Pradesh, 16 days and 15 nights.

Jainism: in Gujarat to the Discovery of Jainism, 15 days and 14 nights.

Islam: Treasures of the Mughals and mosques of Kashmir, 15 days and 14 nights.

In addition to India, other trips await us:

Vietnam: the Land of the Pagodas, 15 days and 14 nights.

Japan: the Spirit of Kyoto, 14 days and 13 nights.

Iran and its spirit: Ziarat and Imāmzādeh, Zoroaster, Armenian monasteries and churches, 14 days and 13 nights.

Georgia and Armenia: the Spirit of the Caucasus, monasteries of Georgia and Armenia, 15 days and 14 nights.

Here you can find the details, but in Italian,

For any information on the content of the trip and for any other possibilities you can contact Cesare Romanò by mail to the following address:

The Spiritual Journeys

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