Taking a trip to the Aegean Coast means passing the Dardanelles, as did Ciro and Alessandro, Paris and Achille; it means listening to the myths of the Troad and the kingdom of Pergamum, Sardis and the wealth of Croesus; discover philosophers and doctors, visit some of the richest Hellenic and Roman colonies, not only Ephesus and Hirapolis resting on the white pools of Pamukkale, but also Aphrodisias, Miletus, Didima, Priene, Laodicea, Halicarnassus, and the sites that dot the plain giving back the idea of ​​how this area was populated and active.

The holiday in this area, however, can have different tastes: we can choose the calm sea of ​​the islands of Bozcaada and Gökçeada, of the Daçta peninsula; if we want restaurants, clubs and entertainment we can choose the peninsula of Çeşme, Bodrum, or Marmaris; it will be wonderful to sail on a gulet along its coasts and the Greek islands; add the big city of Izmir, or Bursa famous for silk and marron glacés;)
We can also dedicate a few days to this area, perhaps coming from Cappadocia, to see Pamukkale, Hierapolis and Ephesus, or a longer trip, it will not be difficult to be busy for 8 days just visiting the main sites, or more if we want to move calmly. and deepen the visits.

I often propose a flexible cultural itinerary from 8 to 12 days, a journey accompanied by Mario Rota, photographer and archaeologist, which touches on aspects related to the photography of monuments, a journey on the trail of the Iliad that we can decline in many other ways.

Do not hesitate to contact me to plan your trip or to know the scheduled departure dates.

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