I prepare Sensory Journeys dedicated to blind and visually impaired people, paying particular attention to those who need more time to understand what we are surrounded by, giving priority to those aspects that sight puts in the background.

The destinations are chosen not only on the basis of the wealth of experiences and activities that the area offers but also on the quality of the welcome and the harmony that we manage to establish with the local people. 
The itinerary is designed specifically to have time to describe not only the landscape but also the activities of the people who animate the places we visit, often taking part in small workshops related to crafts, art, cuisine.

As for all our trips, you can choose to leave on the dates proposed, in this case there will be a maximum of 14 participants, or request a program especially for you on the dates you prefer, using the program as a track to be modified according to your needs and your interests.

Departures are also open to visually impaired travelers who want to share an experience where you learn not only from the country visited but also from your fellow travelers.
Often our Sensory Journeys are offered in parallel with Photographic Workshops because, again, travelers need a lot of time compared to traditional travel and have a special way of describing places through unusual images.

If you want to know how the Sensory Journey was born follow this link.

I invite you to watch the video shot by Diego Monfredini that tells the Sensory Journey in Cappadocia by following the link posted below.
This video was awarded at the International FilmFestival of Imperia in 2014.

The following video tells about the hot air balloon flight in Cappadocia. The flight, if conducted by an experienced pilot, is really special: thanks to the friendship with the pilots, we go the day before to touch the basket, the balloon and the burners, while the pilot explains to us how the flight works. On the morning of take-off, we walk right into the balloon when it is still lying on the ground to understand its actual size. Then, after entering the basket, the balloon rises and takes us through valleys, Fairy Chimneys, gardens and vineyards until we land.
The Balloon, flying with eyes closed.

In Iran Diego Monfredini shot Viaggio Sensoriale in Iran, this video won in December 2017 the Treccani Web Award that recognizes the most interesting content on the web.

Our programs
All our programs can be considered travel tracks because we can modify them according to the days you have available, following your interests, according to the events and festivals in the city calendar, the number of participants.
All of them can be organized upon request, in the period you prefer, privately, for your association or for an open group to which all interested people can join.
We can create an itinerary with emphasis on gastronomy and wines, art, music, history and archaeology. Generally, if the transport network allows it and if our group is small and agile, we move with public transport, otherwise with a vehicle suitable for the number of participants.
Often the proposed trips can be the beginning of a longer journey that takes us to other parts of the country we visit.

Do not hesitate to contact me :)
Enrico Radrizzani

Phone: +39 335 659 7286.

E-mail: enrico@lacompagniadelrelax.net.

Website: www.lacompagniadelrelax.net.

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