Trekking in Turkey 
In Turkey we offer trekking in different areas. Some can be organized in different ways and following paths of different difficulty. Let's see where and how we can walk. 

Mount Ararat Starting from the height of 5,137 meters, the ascent to the summit presents no difficulty for those who are used to walking in the mountains and are in good physical shape. consider the possibility of encountering bad weather. You sleep in the hotel and in a tent along the way up. 

Kaçkar, the mountains of the Black Sea 
A walk here is a journey through time: it is like being in our Alps in the 1950s. We can choose the difficulty of the routes but they are always challenging or difficult. You sleep in small huts along the way. 

The paths in Cappadocia are generally easy, also suitable for families with children, the differences in height are minimal, the paths are generally easy on dirt than for our groups of blind people. Along the way there are churches, villages, monasteries, small refreshments that constitute a pleasant diversion from the fascinating nature we pass through. We can choose whether to sleep every night in different accommodation, in this case, we will meet small simple but fascinating hotels or always sleep in the same place, in this case, we have a wide choice, and move with a vehicle in the morning to the starting point and let us come to take at the end of the walk. You can walk from 2 or 3 days up to 12. 

Via Licia 
It is the most famous trekking area in Turkey. Between Fethiye and Antalya we find over 500 km of trails that run between the sea and the mountains over 2,000 meters high, with varying degrees of difficulty. Along the way, there are countless archaeological sites, small villages and towns, beaches, forests, and spectacular views. As in Cappadocia, here too we can organize an itinerant itinerary sleeping in small hotels and houses in villages or always sleep in the same place, perhaps by the sea. Here you can walk from 2 or 3 days to 4 weeks. 

Aladağlar, the Taurus mountains 
South of Cappadocia facing the sea we find the Taurus chain. Perhaps the wildest and most unspoiled place to go walking in Turkey. There are no other options than sleeping in organized camps, campsites and tents. The terrain and the gradients are challenging. The trek lasts from 4 to 9 days. 

St. Paul's Way 
We start from Antalya and the archaeological sites on the coast to reach the Turquoise Lakes region in Eğirdir through dense forests, gorges and fields. Here you will encounter abandoned archaeological sites that hardly see a tourist. The route is challenging, we will sleep in village houses and tents set up in nature. It takes 10 days to which it is nice to add a couple of them in Antalya and upon arrival, perhaps to visit Konya. 

The Via delle Orchidee 
Along the coast near Milas is a simple and not very popular route. In spring, flowering offers unique colors and intense aromas. You sleep on the sea and the entire route takes place over 4 days.

The Phrygian Way
These trails require an experienced guide because there are no directions whatsoever, not even to find the archaeological sites in the area.
We organize it, for the moment only on request.
It is not demanding and is also very interesting from a historical point of view.

There are many possibilities in and around Istanbul.
We walk near Lake Sapannca, in the Yalova district, and near Bursa.
In Istanbul, 'trekking in the city' on the European and Asian shores of the Bosphorus, and in forest parks not far from the center offer an alternative to the sounds of the city.

On the website, you will find detailed itineraries and dates with group departures.
Guides can be English, German, Spanish speaking, even in other languages.

And also we can offer destinations where the hicking paths we choose are linked with history, art, archeology and culture, like in Armenia, Vietnam, Japan, Cbo Verde, Portugal, Irland, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and many others.

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Trekking in Turkey

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