Cappadocia is the physical and tourist center of gravity of Turkey.
You can dedicate an ad hoc trip to it or visit it during a longer trip.
Whether it's a quick two-day pass or a longer visit that can take up to 10 or 12 days if you also want to visit the cities rich in flint and Ottoman monuments of Niğde, Aksaray and Kayseri; or walk along the less frequented valleys; o deepen the archaeological aspects; or Byzantine art; always following an intense program, made not only to visit the most famous places but also to discover the most hidden corners left out by hasty tourists, unknown to bloggers who write after a three-day visit and not touched by mass tourism.
Even if it is worth stopping here for a whole week, perhaps choosing a comfortable hotel carved into the rock, for those who want to discover the most interesting aspects without rushing, I can suggest a program for a good visit with 4 or 5 days of stay.

We will visit the sites protected by UNESCO and others that are not reported in the guides but are just as interesting, villages, underground cities with different peculiarities, churches and monasteries, markets and artisans. We will enjoy the Intangible Heritages such as the Sema of Dervishes at the selciuchide caravanserai of Saruhan. We will see the art of painting on the water called "ebru", and we will certainly also drink Turkish coffee prepared properly.

We will be able to fly in a hot air balloon with an experienced pilot and attend the function of the Dervishes.

From Cappadocia it is easy to head east to Mount Nemrut and Mesopotamia; north to discover the Hittites via Hattusas and Ankara; to the west crossing Anatolia towards Konya and Pamukkale or towards the Lycian coast visiting from Antalya.

In Cappadocia we can offer different travel tastes:
- cultural;
- for families with children;
- archaeological;
- trekking on foot;
- horse trekking;
- Sensory dedicated to the visually impaired and blind;
- of the Spirit to discover the interactions between religions;
- photographic trips and workshops accompanied by professionals;
- you seminars and other disciplines.

We can organize visits in different ways:
- with a companion who leaves with you from Italy, a driver and an official guide;
- with a driver and an official guide;
- with a rental car and an official guide;
- only with a rental car, in this case, I will tell you all the directions and draw the maps for you to make you go on a truly special trip.

Like all tailor-made trips, the cost will also be tailor-made, since we can also choose the hotel category.

Do not hesitate to contact me.
Enrico Radrizzani

Telefono: +39 335 659 7286.






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