Ceglie del Campo

sulle tracce della Madre di Bari ( The origin of Bari)

Ceglie del Campo or, “The Mother of Bari”. Three thousand years of history have enriched the subsoil of testimonies “Before Christ”, shaped the land, roads and buildings that made The Mother of Bari a rich, but robbed land that cries out for help and remains un-heard. In an article, published in 1982 (n.161) in «L’Espresso»’s pages, the archaeologist Sa-batino Moscati wrote: 'The exceptional quantity of vases painted with mythological scenes, black figures and red fig-ures illuminates the richness of art and civiliza-tion of the ancient center, which was therefore the primary nucleus of the future Bari while in the area occupied by the present city, there was only a modest seafront. Well known to the Greek and Latin writers who left us various testimonies [...] it was one of the main venues of the thriving culture that Peucetians developed under Greek influence, but also in autonomy. Then the port area prevailed, the city centered on it and made a remarkable development. But the roots of Bari are in Ceglie del Campo.

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