La Venaria Reale

Where time comes to life

La Venaria Reale is a magnificent estate located a few kilometres from Turin, included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1997 together with the other Royal Savoy Residences and it’s been open to visitors since 2007.

The monumental Baroque Reggia, the Gardens stretching over 60 hectares, the seventeenth-century town centre of Venaria and the Park of La Mandria that cover a fenced area of 3,000 hectares and house the fascinating Royal Apartments, all constitute a unique architectural and environmental combination of extraordinary charm, which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

First and foremost, La Venaria Reale represents an outstanding permanent cultural project that offers educational and cultural opportunities: a place where everyone can experience multiple activities, training courses, exhibitions and events. Here, both Italian and international visitors come to enjoy the grandeur of its art, history and architecture.

The Reggia includes a long tour through the majestic halls that boast some of the highest expressions of the Universal Baroque style such as the enchanting sight of the Hall of Diana designed by Amedeo di Castellamonte, the solemnity of the Great Gallery, the Church of St. Hubert and the immense complex of the Juvarra Stables, designed in the eighteenth century by Filippo Juvarra.

The cultural offer also includes several exhibition centres, such as the Hall of the Arts, the Citroniera, the Stables and the Halls of the Pages, which host temporary exhibitions of internationally renowned artists every year.

The vast Gardens, awarded as the ‘Most Beautiful Park in Italy’ in 2019, masterfully combine ancient and modern styles in a virtuous blend of archaeological settlements and contemporary works – a paean to nature and the landscape. 

Finally, you cannot miss the elegant Caffè degli Argenti or a meal at the Patio dei Giardini restaurant where you can taste the gastronomic specialities of the Piedmontese tradition.

For the most demanding palates, the Michelin-starred restaurant Il Dolce Stil Novo, run by chef Alfredo Russo, offers refined and innovative cuisine with a breathtaking view of the Reggia estate.

In summer, the evening events offer visitors the unique experience of the twilight stretching over the Reggia, while sipping a relaxing drink on the terrace of the 

Caffè degli Argenti

 and enjoying the spectacle of the Gardens at sunset, enlivened by music and theatrical performances.

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