Born in 1538, Montenuovo ranks as one of the youngest volcanoes in Europe. The naturalistic oasis branches off its paths on the edge of the crater, immersed in the most luxuriant Mediterranean scrub. One of its most interesting aspects is without the fumaroles, evidence of its semi-quiescence. These do not exceed 100 degrees in temperature and have no sulphurous smell. Their origin, in fact, is not directly linked to the caldera, but to the effect it has on the aquifers that divide it from the surface. The high temperatures heat the water in the groundwater, causing it to evaporate, and escape from the fractures of the external slope. To date, the magma lies about 7 km deep, and does not in any way reach the volcanic structure, this determines its state of quiescence.
Between active fumaroles and open views over the Gulf of Pozzuoli, Montenuovo can be defined as the beating heart of the Campi Flegrei nature park.

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