Here is a proposal for a 5-day, 4-night tour dedicated to Garibaldi in Marsala:

Day 1: Boarding and Monument Inaugurated in 1893

Boarding Ferries and Real Landing Site: Start the tour with boarding the ferries and explain the historical significance of the location where Garibaldi landed. Visit the first monument inaugurated in 1893 in honor of Garibaldi, providing details about its history and significance.

Piazza Piemonte e Lombardo: Explore Piazza Piemonte and explain the two monuments, one partially existing and the other no longer present. Dive into the history of both monuments, highlighting their connection to Garibaldi.

Piazza Risorgimento and Monument to the Thousand: Head to Piazza Risorgimento and present it as a symbolic place. Delve into the history of the Monument to the Thousand, emphasizing Garibaldi's key role.

Porta Garibaldi and Historic Center: Cross Porta Garibaldi and enter the historic center of Marsala. Head towards Palazzo VII Aprile, providing information about its history and connection to Garibaldi.

Visit Garibaldi Museum and Caimi Archive: Dedicate time to visit the Garibaldi Museum, exploring exhibitions and any Caimi Archive with unpublished documents.

Day 2: Busts and Monuments 6. Porta Nuova: Start the day with a visit to Porta Nuova, emphasizing its historical significance. Explore the place where Garibaldi declared "O Roma o Morte" and visit the bust of Garibaldi.

Visit to Villa Cavallotti: Allocate time to explore Villa Cavallotti, explaining the place and showcasing some busts belonging to Garibaldini.

Madonna della Cava and Possible Visit to the Cemetery: Visit Madonna della Cava, the site of the 1862 oath, providing details about the ceremony. Optionally, consider a visit to the cemetery to honor some Garibaldini graves and provide brief summaries of their lives.

Days 3-5: Continued Tour and Thematic Activities 9. Continued Exploration of the Historic Center and Important Squares: Continue exploring the historic center, highlighting squares and important places related to Garibaldi.

Visits to Important Places with Expert Guide: Plan guided tours to crucial places in Garibaldi's history with the help of local experts.

Events and Thematic Activities: Thematic events, such as readings of Garibaldi's letters, theatrical performances, or art exhibitions related to his era.

Gastronomy and Local Culture: Integrate local gastronomic and cultural experiences, such as tastings of Sicilian wines and dinners in historic restaurants.

Note: In the week of May 11th, Marsala's municipality organizes events related to Garibaldi.





Garibaldi Tour in Marsala: Discovering the Places and Events of the Thousand

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