Tour ranging from a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 8 days.

Ideal for those who wish to immerse themselves in the enchantment of Marsala through the Tour dei Florio, a unique experience that will lead you through the historical roots of one of the most prestigious Sicilian families.

Authentic Exploration:
You will trace the origins of the Florio family through a carefully crafted journey designed to unveil the history and culture of Marsala. Historic streets and iconic sites will become your companions in this fascinating adventure.

Exclusive Tastings:
Immerse yourself in the gastronomic delights of Marsala with exclusive tastings at the symbolic locations of Florio's wine production. You will savor the richness of local wines, a testament to centuries-old winemaking art.

Focus on Marsala:
Marsala will be the pulsating heart of your journey, with itineraries guiding you through the most picturesque streets and prestigious wineries. An experience aimed at capturing the soul of this unique city. But the stops also include Palermo, Alcamo, and Favignana.

Why the Tour dei Florio:
We have dedicated years to perfecting this experience, ensuring an authentic and engaging discovery. Our mission is to bring the essence of Marsala to travelers, offering personalized collaboration and the support of a passionate team.

We are delighted to share this adventure with you and collaborate to bring the enchantment of Marsala to travelers, confident that it will inspire you to explore Marsala with the Tour dei Florio.

Discover the Enchantment of Marsala with the Tour dei Florio!

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