Puglia is more than just fabulous sea and beaches, trulli and farmhouses.
Beyond the Puglia known worldwide lies is a hidden one to be
visited in all seasons. A Puglia perfect for the traveler who is a bit of
an explorer, who loves alternative itineraries o! the unbeaten path,
who prefers an increasingly responsible and sustainable tourism.
This is the Puglia of villages to be experienced with all one’s senses,
for a stay in close contact with the place’s inhabitants, enjoying legends
handed down through the centuries. Discovered on foot or
by bike, these one-of-a-kind places are reached following ancient
trails by land or sea, perhaps sailing in at sunset to enjoy another
perspective. It is a region where Italy’s roads end, and the true journey
begins: the one inside oneself; a journey that is highly e!ective
against stress, self-interest, and anxiety. Just slow down the clock,
immerse yourself in a genuine world, and discover age-old traditions,
typical flavors, and ancient trades: those we find in the villages
denominated Borghi più Belli d’Italia (“Italy’s most beautiful
villages”), Borghi Autentici or Bandiera Arancione (“Authentic” or
“Orange Flag” villages), and Borghi Storici Marinari (“historic coastal
villages”), and in the myriad towns in the hinterland: Medieval, Baroque,
treasure chests of art and archaeology, or natural paradises.
There is nothing more exciting than to discover the tiles in this incredible
mosaic that unites Gargano to Salento, Daunia to Imperial Puglia,
the territory of Bari to that of Taranto, Magna Graecia, Murgia,
the Gravine, and to the Itria Valle. The tesserae in this mosaic are the
patron saint festivals, fairs, traditional dishes, cultural heritage, the
beautiful landscapes, the human warmth, a sense of community, a
spirituality connected to age-old values, and the slowness of time.
It is not a question of age, or origin, or sensitivity. Those who choose
Puglia’s villages are sensitive to the environment, to fine cuisine, to
people, to history, to the genius loci, and to the very spirit of our

Download the complete guide: https://www.viaggiareinpuglia.it/cam/27/en/Historic-villages


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