Ride after ride, under the shade of millennial oaks, monumental olive trees and the thick macchia mediterranea, bike travelers discover Puglia, wonderful and unexpected.
From Gargano to Salento, here is a 2 thousand km Grand Tour to be endeavored by bicycle, but also trekking or on horseback through ancient paths and less crowded country lanes. The Puglia bike experience is a smart way to build different routes, with various degrees of difficulty and according to personal preferences. There’s no need to be an expert, and each suggested itinerary can be split into different legs: weekly and daily rides or long-weekend tours. Along the route, bikers discover culinary delights, unique museums, villages and arty towns: a journey made of culture and wellness.
Puglia by bike is unique, but it’s not the only one/just one. It evolves every season. We welcome you to discover it all, slowly.

Click here to download the complete guide: https://www.viaggiareinpuglia.it/espebike/211/en/Esperienza-Bike


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