You won’t believe your eyes. In Puglia you'll find enchanted landscapes surrounding historic towns and cities of art. Romanesque and Baroque cathedrals and monuments frame town squares as they stand placidly in the shade of majestic castles and noble palaces.
From the Gargano to the Salento, Puglia is full of priceless treasures and architectural gems, such as its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, places so beautiful that they are considered part of humanity's common heritage.
It's really hard to resist the beauty of Puglia’s museums, realms of art and archeology where local craftsmanship is honored along with the sea.
In Imperial Puglia, you'll hear ancient stories about the great Emperor Frederick II and learn the tricks of ancient trades, from craftsmen weaving baskets and making pottery in Bari, to artisans creating objects out of papier-mâché and stone in the Salento.
Explore breathtaking ravines, the cradle of rupestrian civilization, and discover the region's mysterious dolmens and menhirs. Then take a break in the Itria Valley, in one of the traditional trulli (stone huts) or masserie (manor farms).


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