Puglia has an ancient vocation and tradition as a land of transit,
representing a meeting point between East and West. Over the course
of its history, dating back thousands of years, this Italian region has
borne witness to countless travellers, merchants and pilgrims passing
through, all of whom brought different languages, cultures and stories,
creating a kaleidoscopic identity which today characterises the area.
History, culture, spirituality and nature lie at the heart of these Walks
around Puglia. By following the Via Francigena to the south, travellers,
whether on foot, by bike or on horseback, can follow in the footsteps
of the ancient pilgrims headed for Jerusalem, or they can follow the
Cammino Materano and immerse themselves in the deep-rooted
traditions of this land.
Heading down country roads and ancient “tratturi” (sheep tracks),
passing through small villages and cities of art, following the coast
that looks out towards the East, experiencing the colours of the
landscape and the stories told by local architecture, all at a blissfully
slow pace, travellers can truly discover the most authentic side to this
region. A land that’s full of surprises, and one which, step after step,
reveals itself and tells its own story, in all its glory.


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